More than two weeks ago, half of our office launched into a spontaneous fitness program. Every hour, on the hour, we get up from our desks and spend one minute holding a plank or wall-sit position. The other half, although not fitness participants per se, select musical snippets to play during the one-minute intervals. And more often than not, they remind us it’s time to plank. “Plank!” and the music starts.

The program stemmed from the efforts of one 292-er who had suffered a back incident. She started therapy to strengthen her back, a trainer mentioned the benefits of doing small exercises throughout the day, and the following morning this bad-back 292-er arrived with a plan: planking. It was intended to be a two-week experiment to see if we felt stronger, better. It’s been four weeks and there’s no sign of stopping.

We’re not the first to attempt such a program. Search the internet and you’ll find article after article after article about the benefits of moving and exercising throughout the day, and blog post after blog post after blog post about other offices or at-home workers who have tried similar programs of their own. Most reported their efforts as positive and what 292-ers know after a few weeks – after a few days, actually – is that we feel better, at work and at home.

Our office benefits too. According to a post by Forbes Coaches Council,

“Workplace health and well-being programs not only have a positive impact on your employees’ wellness, they can also lead to a significant increase in your team’s engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity. According to research, a healthy and happy workforce can reduce costs by more than $1,600 per employee, with reduced leave days caused by disability or unplanned sickness.”

That’s a good thing.

And while we can’t directly correlate our ad hoc fitness program to our work designing community, commercial or athletic facilities, we’d like to think it makes a difference there too. We’d like to think that our healthier selves are creating healthier places for people who work or play within them.