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Dave Allen, RA


Dave is an architect who sees beauty in the technical, practical aspects of design. Developing a good building detail for roofing or walls is the craftmanship by which the beauty of a building is expressed. The technical and artistic go hand-in-hand. It’s akin to his downhill skiing, really. A good set of skis on the feet of a skilled athlete makes for beautiful runs down the hills. A good building detail from the hands of skilled designer makes for a beautiful building.

Outside of 292, Dave spends a lot of time downhill skiing with his family and donates regularly to blood drives. His altruistic side is evident to colleagues at 292; he always gives the biggest piece of birthday cake to the person sitting next to him.

Some of Dave's Projects

Confluence Development, Hastings, MN

Blaine Activity Center, Blaine, MN


Iowa State University

Favorite Building Detail

Structural Connection at Exterior Wall at the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center by Renzo Piano in New Caledonia

Favorite Snack Combo

Coke with Poppin’ Jalapeno Doritos

Favorite Black Diamond Ski Run

Milk Run at Buck Hill

Favorite Bunny Hill

Woodchuck Way at Buck Hill