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Ken is an architect whose mindfulness and strategic thinking helps clients translate their intangible vision into tangible spaces. His approach to projects is akin to his approach in golf – a favorite hobby. Observe the fairway before taking your shot; or rather, listen to client needs before designing a building to support them.


Ken is also a resource for his 292 colleagues; his years of experience and genuine interest to help make him a go-to person for technical and design issues alike. Need advice regarding specifications or building details? Ask Ken. Need a sounding board for a design direction? Ask Ken. Be prepared to get your answer from Carnac the Magnificent, though. Ken does a pretty good impression.

Ken at a glance

Some of Ken's projects

Shakopee Ice Arena & Community Center, Shakopee, MN
Park Nicollet Mann Clinic, St. Louis Park, MN
Great Park Ice & Sports Complex, Irvine Park, CA
Proctor Ice Arena, Proctor, MN


University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Architecture
University of Minnesota, Masters of Architecture

Favorite golf course

He's thinking about it.

Favorite golf club

He's thinking about this too.

Favorite snack

Any bakery item (His co-workers believe that his favorite snack is Wasabi-flavored almonds. That’s what he stocks on the snack table.)