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292 & What We Do

292 Design Group is an architecture firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was established by Pam Anderson, Tom Betti and Mark Wentzell after many years together as partners in a previous firm. 292’s portfolio of projects is diverse, but we’re best known for our expertise in community-focused buildings such as city halls, educational facilities, community centers or ice arenas. Over the past five years, we’ve broadened our focus to include healthcare, hospitality and commercial facilities. Common to all is our desire to make functional, efficient and beautiful places that help people — help them to do their job, to have fun, to raise their families, to get well, or to age gracefully. That’s the privilege and pleasure of our work.

And the name? 292?

The first letter of each partners’ last name as they correspond to numbers on a cell phone key pad. 2(Anderson) 9(Wentzell) 2(Betti). It’s pronounced “two, nine, two.”