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Elk River Public Works

For more than five years, Elk River city staff were working from satellite offices and city equipment was either stored outside or tucked into the base of water towers. This renovation/addition project allowed the City to make great strides in its commitment to its citizens, including not only an efficiency and care for equipment, but also an enhanced workplace for employees.

Design decisions were made in support of two important goals: the desire to provide a long-lasting building and the desire to create good workspaces for city employees. Precast concrete panels, an efficient and cost-effective system for large space enclosure, were selected because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. Variations in color and detail were incorporated to help break down the scale of the building’s large volumes. Other materials, such as wood and stucco, were used on the exterior of the office and support areas. Access to natural light was an important aspect of the interior design. Large windows and skylights in the offices, vehicle storage, and maintenance areas provide a better working environment for city employees—in addition to lowering energy usage.


Elk River, MN


Scott K. Anliker Photography