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Marshall Aquatics Center Study

The Marshall Aquatic Center has served residents of Marshall and surrounding communities for more than 50 years—a long time for a community recreation facility. The current facility is showing age and has numerous deficiencies in code compliance, operations, customer experiences and maintenance costs. This study was undertaken to determine what is the most reasonable approach to providing the residents of Marshall with aquatic recreation opportunities.

292 Design Group and Re-Engineered assessed the existing pools, deck area and building to determine their long-term viability to serve Marshall residents. The review indicated that all the components of the center need extensive improvement, repair, or modification to create an aquatic center that provides an enjoyable summer aquatic activity in a safe manner, and one that is accessible to all, and efficient to operate.

The report recommended constructing a new aquatic center on the site of the existing facility. The city has gotten more than 50 years of use out of the existing aquatic center which is a good return on investment. It now makes the most economic sense to construct a new facility. The facility recommended from the report provides the city with state-of-the-art municipal aquatic center that will be open to everyone, will provide a wide variety of activities for all ages, will be safe, and will add to the recreational opportunities for the residents of Marshall. The proposed aquatic center includes two pools and a splash pad, a bath house, and new concessions.


Marshall, MN