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Riverview Elementary

This Saint Paul Public School building had been closed for three years due to declining enrollment. In 2012, changing demographics prompted the school district to re-open the facility for a relocated pre-kindergarten through 5th grade program. The building, a three-story facility constructed in 1928, was structurally sound but had numerous issues ranging from obsolete mechanical and electrical systems to building code violations and accessibility challenges. In addition, several past renovations had created operational issues for many of the school functions. 292 worked with the district to make building modifications that would accommodate the pre-kindergarten through 5th grade program.

Some of the modifications to the building included:

  • Relocating the kitchen to improve operations
  • Renovating the auditorium/gym space into the auditorium/cafeteria
  • Renovating the main office to improve staff work areas and security
  • Relocating the gymnasium to its original 3rd floor location
  • Relocating and renovating the library/media center



St. Paul, MN


Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Award