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Schwieters Properties

The Schwieters Properties project includes construction of a new manufacturing facility and associated outdoor storage, stormwater retention, and landscaping. Schwieters is a manufacturer of wood wall panels, floor trusses, and roof trusses for use in multi-family construction. The facility is located in an industrial park, adjacent to a single-family residential neighborhood.

This facility includes a large open manufacturing floor and office space. Raw materials, located in outdoor storage areas on the north side of the building, are processed through one of the nine 60′-0″ wide production bays. Finished products are briefly stored in outdoor storage areas on the south side of the building, ready for delivery to construction sites.

Site elements include newly planted trees, earth berms, and stormwater treatment ponds to the north and west– an effort to provide a natural transition zone to the adjacent residential neighborhood and reduce potential noise pollution. Minimal interventions were made at the west end of the site to maintain the natural beauty of the Clearwater Creek.


Hugo, MN